About the Technology

UASTrakker builds intelligent systems aimed to improve First Responder missions using pre-built, OEM-provided Unmanned Aerial Systems – Drones. These systems are designed to track emergency beacon distress signals on land or at sea, following specific flight plans using “multi-rotor” or “fixed wing” aircraft, communicating with cloud services from both aircraft on LTE and the ground control station over any network.

By locating PLBs, EPIRBs, Man-Overboard-Beacons and other types of existing Emergency RF devices autonomously, we can accelerate the speed of drone navigation, and finding a moving target or person in distress.

UASTrakker’s mission is to develop unmanned systems that accelerate response times to an emergency, and which help those in danger. UASTrakker flies’ missions where others cannot,  including rough weather and tough terrain, with no loss of man hours or unnecessary risk to the rescue crew. By developing unmanned systems that use existing emergency response infrastructure to communicate, we can empower First Responders and Homeland Security Partners to gain a quicker “situational awareness”, saving lives quicker than conventional methods.