The UASTrakker company has developed an inter-connected, autonomous drone control system, which includes hardware, software and tools that leverage existing emergency radio beacon technologies.

We developed our own proprietary, patent pending, UASTrakker RF Converter software that ingests Emergency Beacon transmissions and converts the flowing data into an intelligent tracking output to find and locate a lost hiker, skier in an avalanche, trapped wildfire fire fighters and victims, homeland security and prison personnel, someone lost at sea, or anyone else on the move carrying a portable beacon/device.  This has the potential to speed up a life-saving emergency response. It can limit the risk to First Responders, and at the same time, potentially save more lives due to quicker situational awareness, while using UASTrakker equipped Drones.

Integration of a “Life Safety” radio beacon, communicating with the Flight Controller allows the UAS aircraft to tune-in, locate and be dispatched to someone in distress, by following their signal, GPS location and coordinates. It also allows the UASTrakker Drone to autonomously follow a person or entity into a dangerous environment, at the time providing constant video surveillance during the current activity and streaming it through the UASTrakker customized Microsoft Azure cloud services.